anna sui’s new eyelashes are both very pretty and insane.

by faran krentcil

"Are you kidding?!"

That's what we yelled - too loud, across the entire office - when we saw these Anna Sui eyelashes today. Created to compliment the colors in her clothing collection, the lashes have sections of smoky blue, ashy pink, and flat purple woven into otherwise "normal" sections of black.  (As normal as one can get with a fake eyelash, anyway...)

The falsies may look outrageous against a flat background, but on an actual girl, they're almost subtle.  (Seriously.)  The same way a navy blue mascara or a fleck of turquoise eyeliner can catch the light in your pupils, these lashes pull the natural tones in your skin and eyes to the surface. 

Wear them with a bare face and tinted lip balm for a bit of a beauty kick, mix them with glitter shadow and gloss for a David Bowie vibe, or layer them under black cake eyeliner and white shadow in your inner corners for a mod party look.  You can also see the backstage beauty video from Anna Sui's Spring 2012 show and take your inspiration straight from the source...

Anna Sui Lashes, $18