Miranda July Somebody App

it’s like a game of “telephone,” but for texts.

by liza darwin

Remember the old game of "telephone" you used to play way back in the day? It might seem totally retro now--even using phones to just talk seems retro--but Miranda July is aiming to restore the lost art of a face to face messenger. And even cooler, she's doing it with the help of Miu Miu. July and Miu Miu unveiled the iPhone program this week in Venice alongside a short movie, and in the filmmaker's true fashion, it's totally quirky and cool. Not to mention, is certain to change the way you think about how we engage with each other.

Here's how it works: After downloading the Somebody app on your phone, it scans the area you're in to see if anyone else has the app. Then, you can give them a message to tell someone else--complete with a script and even hand motions. The more people participate, the more messengers there are to pass along your verbal notes. (Considering July's friend group includes Lena Dunham, Kirsten Dunst, and the Mulleavy sisters, who knows who you'll get!)

The cool concept was created in hopes of bringing back IRL contact, and, as July puts it, "Texting is tacky. Calling is awkward. Email is old." So if you're ready to add another mode of communication into your arsenal, download Somebody from the iTunes store.

Check out the Miu Miu x Miranda July "Somebody" film below!