Pharrell Dropped Some Big Missy Elliott News


Give us a moment and a glass of water: Pharrell dropped some huge, mind-blowing Missy Elliot news on The Tonight Show last night and we're trying to piece our brains back together. Apparently there's a new Missy Elliott album on the way and (we assume) it's going to be insanely amazing. 

When asked what music he was working on, the producer/musician dropped the news that he's working on the new (previously unannounced) Missy Elliott album. After Fallon told an odd anecdote about falling asleep on the same plane as the "Work It" rapper, Pharrell waxed poetic about the wonder that is Missy: "The way her mind works—like we're in the studio and just the things that she says and thinks about and her video concepts. I didn't know that all those video concepts were hers... I'm so proud of her." 

This will be Elliott's first studio album since 2005's The Cookbook. No news on whether her music will take a new direction, but if it does, Pharrell would be the right man to help her. We can only hope there's a Miley Cyrus collaboration in her future.