cure the fall blues with this awesome playlist.

by liza darwin

Thanks to their sunshine-drenched tracks like "Pogo," Virginia boy-girl duo Eternal Summers have been playing on our on iPods for months now. And even though summer's officially over, we still can't get enough of Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff's punky-pop tunes. But the band wants you to know they're capable of more than just dancey pop. Their debut album, Silver, is also filled with hazy, mellow songs to carry you straight through Fall.

We turned the tables on Nicole and Daniel to find out which songs they're obsessed with this season.

Nicole Yun's Picks:

Dungen, "Ta det lugnt"

One of my favorite songs of all time and I have no idea what they are saying! Honestly this song is so musically rich, so full of psychedelic jazzy soulfulness, that I don't even miss having English lyrics. If there was a top 10 list of songs that get me pumped this would be #1.

Concrete Blonde, "Joey"

Simple, sincere and dramatic. I think my older sister made me a mix with this song on it, and I started feeling pre-mature teenage feelings at the age of 8.

The Clash, "Police on My Back"

One of the catchiest songs ever! I love that the song is about running from the law but the delivery is so poppy and upbeat that it really catches you off guard! I also love the nod to early rock n roll and rhythm and blues.

Lauryn Hill, "Ex-Factor"

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is a masterpiece, and "Ex-Factor" is heartbreaking doo wop r&b gem. I have always loved her voice, but as a songwriter Hill is a genius- waiting just the right time to introduce even more heart wrenching hooks!

Cocteau Twins,"Cherry Coloured Funk"

The dreaminess of this song, especially the guitar tones blow me away. There's an immediate weight on your lungs from the fog and haze which eventually envelopes you. Elizabeth Fraser's voice is Jekyll and Hyde in the most perfect way- lazy and low at times, bird song high at others. A completely beautiful song!

Daniel Cundiff's Picks:

Alice Coltrane, "Journey in Satchidananda"

When the Fall begins to shift and the days become night and I need to listen to THE world I go here.

It is beautiful and moves gracefully like an ancient cloud dropping light and perspective on the lands below.  Alice Coltrane married John Coltrane in the 60's.  She still creates modern music to this day.

Orange Juice, "Rip It Up"

I can't get enough of this song right now.  I have a mini mix I walk the town to and this is the first song.  This song has the perfect walk rhythm to it.  Try it out.  It peps your step. 

I'm pretty unfamiliar with their work but really enjoy most of what I have heard. 

Sonic Youth, "Diamond Sea"

"WAWAWAWAW"  Lyrically great.   Open spaces, moody and strong.  Soft and plush to beautiful crunch noise.  I'm a big fan of lots of the later 90's and early 2000's Sonic Youth albums especially the ones with Jim O'rourke helping out.  "Murray Street" is a gem of an album.  In Diamond Sea you can "sea" them heading in the direction of "N.Y.C. Ghost and Flowers" and "Murray Street". 

Smashing Pumpkins, "Glynis"

I have listened to this song in many points in my life.  Its a beautiful and delicate song, recorded wonderfully.  Plus they use a wah pedal to hilarious and perfect affect.  They get funky for a quick second and then get happy which is not a usual for the Smashing Pumpkins. 

The Troggs," With a Girl Like You"

Good tune.  

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