kick out the jams with the shoes from this new collab.

by rebecca willa davis

Neon, denim, leather, glitter--what better describes the average rock star outfit than those four words? (OK, beer-stained too.) They also describe the new collaboration between footwear designer Matt Bernson and jewelry duo Dannijo. The five styles include over-the-top details like pony hair, rainbow glitter, and neon patent leather caging--exactly the sorts of things you'd expect to see on the likes of Taylor Swift or Florence Welch. Which explains the names of the shoes: There's the Swift, Joplin, Zeppelin, and Iggy boots, as well as the Florence Mary Jane. "We designed the shoes, and when they were all done we sat around and decided to think of rock legends that each shoe reminded us of," explains Bernson. "It happened so quickly, because each shoe has such a distinct personality that was so obvious to us all!" We've got the images of the capsule collection, which hits stores on Monday. But that's not all: With such a music-inspired series, we wanted to know what to play when we pull on one of those animal-and-tweed printed moto boots. Here are the songs that New York City designer Bernson came up with. Be prepared to kick out the jams with a very nice pair of shoes on your feet.


Florence and the Machine - "Shake it Out"

"You hear one note or one lyric and you know who and what this song is. Same with this collection; you can see it from 100 yards away and it is distinctive and recognizable as an original with a distinct vision."

Janis Joplin - "Try"

"The ripped jeans with a little sparkle on a heel has that Joplin-at-Woodstock vibe and connects perfectly to the Florence."

Iggy Pop - "Real Wild Child"

"The song lyrics say it all--the Iggy, with its mixed prints and materials, really speaks to that inner "real wild child" in all of us."

Led Zepplin - "Black Dog"

"We aim to make a collection that speaks to now but is also classic and rock'n'roll. This song has that lasting rock appeal that will never feel old, same with these shoes. The Swift suede fringe boot will always make sense and the glitter heel gives that natural rock'n'roll edge."

The Kills - "U.R.A Fever"

"It is a cool backdrop to the start of any event. The Zeppelin with its neon patent caged detail and covered platform is a thumping drum beat."