get this austin band’s ultimate playlist.

by liza darwin

SxSW kicks off this week, which means bands from all over the world temporarily migrate to Austin to show off their musical stuff. But there's one local group who's already making waves both in and outside of Austin city limits, regardless of whether or not it's festival season. Meet Ringo Deathstarr, the trio you may recognize from the NYLON America issue or from their latest single, "Imagine Hearts." They may make textured shoegaze pop in the vein of My Bloody Valentine, but as we learn from their mixtape, they rock out to everyone from Kanye West to Nirvana. Check out all their picks below.


Felt, "Primitive Painters": I love pretty much anything by Felt, but when you combine the powers of Felt and Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, the result is absolutely amazing and dreamy.

Aztec Camera, "We Could Send Letters off of High Land, Hard Rain":

This is such a beautiful song! I'm a total sucker for jangly pop- and who doesn't love writing and receiving letters?

Orange Juice, "Falling and Laughing off of The Glasgow School":

This song was the opening song on the first mix tape I ever received and it has stuck with me ever since. Probably one of my all time favorite songs! 


Devo, "Pink Jazz Trancers":

This is off of the second to last Devo album, which pretty much everyone hates but I love!  It's got a pretty intense piano solo too!

Ween, "She F*cks Me": Classic love song!

Kanye West, "All of the Lights": Off his last album, it covers many topics that I can relate to as an artist--being poor, domestic violence, Michael Jackson's death.


Nirvana, "Milk It": On our last tour we played this song through our tube bass amp right before we went on stage...I had never heard this song that loud but you should play it through a cranked tube amp if you can.

Dance House Children, "Sea Breeze": These Californians were some of the first Americans to decide to rip off what Creation Records was doing at the time.

Lassie Foundation, "Dive Bomber": For sunny drives on your way to your friend's swimming pool.

Alex, Daniel, and Elliott:

Dead Skeletons, "Dead Mantra": After a near-death experience, it kind of became our tour theme song.

Listen to more Ringo Deathstarr here.