let the “pretty little liars” star load your ipad.

by jillian johnson

June marks the second season of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, and that means more hookups, more mysteries, and more torture from our favorite frenemy, “A.” To celebrate, Troian Bellisario, better known as the feisty perfectionist Spencer Hastings, reveals her current top tracks.

lcd soundsystem - “DANCE YRSELF CLEAN”

This song is what dancing should be if you truly dance—leave it all out there. I did and I had whiplash for a few days.

local natives - “AIRPLANES”

The lyrics in this song are “kick you in the uterus” —accurate about breaking up.

elliott smith - “NEEDLE IN THE HAY”

I love how sweet his guitar melodies are and how venomous his lyrics are. It's so brutal and amazing.

bright eyes - “FIREWALL”

Conor Oberst is my end-all favorite songwriter ever. I need a good melody, but for me it's all about lyrics.

edith piaf - “SOUS LE CIEL DE PARIS

This is my staple Sunday: I want to put [this] on, make French toast, and have a good day.

nina simone - “FOUR WOMEN”

It's about these four different women through time and she puts amazing emotion and personality behind each one of them.

regina spektor - “APRES MOI”

As you can tell I'm a sucker for totally dramatic, epic music. I lip-sync and pretend I can totally sing along to her in Russian.

the white stripes - “JOLENE”

This was one of the first songs I learned on the guitar. [Jack White] totally takes it to another galaxy.

arcade fire - “NEON BIBLE”

I slept out on Wiltshire so I could go to their secret show and I still haven't taken off the wristband.

the rolling stones - “YOU'VE GOT TO MOVE”

It's so amazing that these skinny British boys came over and created the next leg of American heritage. As an actor, it gives me hope to completely transform myself into different stories.

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