m&m mega

The biggest M’s in the game…

by Josh Madden

Some of you may know that us NYLON Guys are borderline candy fiends, so we try to keep all stashes out of the office-- but when a large round box with a giant holographic M shows up on our desk, all bets are off.

The team at M&M's has been putting out all kinds of new flavors, from raspberry to dark mint, but they aren’t stopping there. Our box had something we’d never even thought possible: M&M’s Mega! They’re about to bring you the world's biggest M&M’s, with three times more chocolate, and peanuts bigger than the original size candy! We personally took down the bag of Peanut M’s faster than you’ll read this Chow. They truly found the only possible way to make these iconic chocolate candies even better than before.

To quote the company: “In this case, bigger is definitely better!” We couldn’t agree more.Despite the flavor assortments, we will always have a special place in our hearts (and stomachs) for the classics. We’re just hoping next year M&M can step up from mega size to Nylon Guys size… we’ll have our people contact yours about getting production started.Be sure to keep up with M&M's on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Young Will