make your monday sparkle with this bubbly pop gem!

by liza darwin

A recipe for a really awesome music video goes a little something like this:

1. Start with an up-and-coming producer

2. Add a stylish, cool girl photographer

3. Pepper with hyper-saturated colors, neon, and tons of flickering lights 

4. Throw in a little bit of glitter

5. Shake well, and crank up the volume

At least, this is the case with "Pretend Ur Mine," the new video from Mokadem. The South London producer shares a management with Miss Lana Del Rey, so this is a girl who's clearly on her way to something huge. You may recognize the haunting remix she did for Del Rey's "Gods and Monsters," but now the electro musician and DJ is breaking out on her own. Her single has already made the rounds on the internet, with its bubbly backbone and euphoric, glimmering vocals. Now the thumping tracks gets an equally captivating video from Maisie Cousins, the London photographer beloved by everyone from Urban Outfitters to Dazed & Confused. 

The girls first linked up thanks to mutual admiration, and the rest was music video history. According to Mokadem, "Maisie has a beautiful eye for things and I just wanted to extend her pictures." Mission accomplished. Cousin's dreamy photography vibe infiltrates all aspects of the clip, from the rainbow colors to the girls themselves. "We shot it all over London in the areas these girls come from. I want to see girls in music videos completely in control of their sexiness," Mokadem explained. "Then that will bleed through into life, it's very important." 

Cousins agrees. "I wanted to make it a visual treat, a plethora of saturated colours and girls," she said. "It was the first video we've ever made so we approached it without a narrative or fixed idea and just had loads of fun; it's a girly song so it was natural to have loads of girls looking beautiful and doing whatever they want. I like to think that everyone involved felt a bit like a filmstar afterwards." 

Everyone's Monday can use a little bit of sparkle...so add a dash to yours and watch our exclusive premiere below!