model citizen HANA MAYEDA

Misfits shirt wearing…Vocano Chior listening…Yoga teaching…Model citizen…

by Josh Madden

model citizen HANA MAYEDA

Hana Mayeda

is a gorgeous successful model, currently starring in Gap Fit, H & M Sport, and Aerie for American Eagle Lingerie campaigns. When she's no posing for the camera you can catch her practicing and teaching yoga incessantly (um, where do we sign up?) She also donates some of her time to charitable work for organizations based in Haiti and Kenya. Looking at Hana’s photos may be all you wanna do--but but check out what she had to say when we sat down with her. She shares some helpful tips and insights for us guys. Follow her on Twitter


and find out why we're crushing on this beautiful babe.

You are at an incredibly successful point in your modeling career. Can you tell me a little about the campaigns you are in right now?

Thanks, I'm so lucky, and I'm having a blast. All of the campaigns were so much fun to shoot. I love that they’re all geared towards wellness. With both H & M Sport and Gap Fit I was able to incorporate my love of yoga and movement while shooting. I'm also proud to be part of the new Real Sexy campaign with Aerie that features girls of different sizes with no retouching. At first the idea of billboards of me in lingerie without photoshop gave me anxiety, but when I think about the message they're sending to young girls, I'm honored to be part of a campaign with such a positive message.

With your busy modeling schedule, are you able to teach yoga as often as you’d like?

Well, I work with all of my clients privately and most of their schedules are pretty flexible. We squeeze in classes when we can. Also a friend opened a beautiful gym in

Tribeca called S10

where we had a great charity event. It was such a success that we're creating more regular classes and charity events.

Do you think yoga can be beneficial to guys as part of their overall workout routine and stress management?

I’m a firm believer in yoga for men. I’ve seen it transform everyone, and Guys' bodies change so quickly—it’s remarkable to watch the change that can occur even with an hour a week. Yoga gets you more flexible in your body so you can be flexible in your mind. Not only do guys get more toned and open from practicing yoga, they start to carry themselves differently as well. And...I think it’s super sexy.

You volunteer some of your time for non-for-profit organizations in Kenya and most recently Haiti. Can you tell me a bit about this experience?

Volunteering in other countries gives you an entirely new perspective on your own life and makes you grateful for what you've got, and when you're grateful you're happy. I've met the most interesting people and learned so much about their lives, their cultures, and also learned a lot about myself. In Kenya I work with an organization called

Caring for Kids of Kenya

which is geared toward aiding and educating Kenyan orphans, while in Haiti I have the privilege of working with

The English Mind Institute

, one of the few free and Haitian-run English schools in Port-au-Prince. The trip to Haiti was such a powerful experience, I'm headed back in June/July and bringing some friends along!

What music will you tune into on the plane over?

Lately I’ve been listening to Francis and the Lights, Crystal Fighters, Volcano Choir, and Bon Iver.

When it comes to guys, what qualities appeal to you most?

Integrity. Curiosity. Selflessness. Kindness. The desire to have a big, full life. Driven by more than just money, success and power. Okay with being uncomfortable. Passionate. Adventurous. Honest.

Do you have any romantic tips that might help a guy lure you in?

Hmmm. Ask her questions. Listen to her answers—I mean really listen, don’t just wait for your turn to talk. I’m big on random romantic acts: flowers for no reason, sweet little notes. I’m a fan of spontaneous, unexpected adventures. One of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me was take me on a 24-hour adventure out of the city. I won’t go into detail but it was clear he put a lot of effort into the planning…it was very sweet. My cheeks hurt from the ridiculously stupid grin I had on my face the entire time.

Is there anything about a guys style that would be a deal breaker for you?

Oopf. If a guy wears pants that I couldn’t fit into his chances are slim.

Do you have any favorite date night spots?

I think the whole dating thing is super awkward and weird. Also the venue matters less than the chemistry. If you have chemistry with a person you can have the best date of your life, eating fries at 2am at your local corner bar.

In a few words can you share some outstanding qualities about yourself?

Big heart. Total spaz. Silly. Playful. Kind.

- interview and photos by

Tina Turnbow