wake up and smell this mimosa candle.

by liza darwin

Mimosas make cameos at weekend brunches and lazy days lounging in the park, but what about on your bedside table?

Although it's easy to assume the new scent from Indiana-based candle makers Linneas Lights takes cues from the classic champagne and O.J. combo, this Mimosa fragrance actually is inspired by the sweet-smelling flowers from the French region of Provence.

Even before it's lit, you can catch whiffs of white jasmine, fresh sandalwood, and subtle evergreen tones. The fragrance is so addictive, we keep passing around ours sitting on our desk. Plus, it's pleasant enough to stay burning for hours on end.

And the best part is that while this triple-scented Mimosa candle is powerful enough to notice, it's not so overwhelming that it will give you a headache- which is more than we can say of the drink that shares its name.

Buy the candle and find out more about Linneas Lights here.