You Won’t Believe What The Most Liked Photo On Instagram Is

Beliebe in the power of Jelena

Given that Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram, it makes sense that a photo of her and Justin Bieber racked up the most likes of all time. Posted on Biebs' Instagram page, with the caption "Feels" about a month ago, the image is a close-up of the exes deep in a passionate kiss on some tropical getaway. (If you couldn't tell, Justin is all about those island vibes.) 

Even though Instagram confirmed that this photo of Kendall Jenner was the most popular photo on Instagram with 3.5 million likes last year, the Beliebers hijacked that record with 3,568,795 likes and counting. Anything goes when it comes to Jelena, and we honestly aren't mad about it. Selena is probably rolling her eyes, but she did like the photo so she technically contributed to this outcome. 

Jelena is far from over... at least in our hearts. Bask in the glory of high-profile young love in the post, below.