Mother Band Victim Music Video

penn badgley and his band debut “victim.”

by liza darwin

Didn't you hear? Lonely Boy has left the Upper East Side Gossip Girl scene in the dust. Nowadays, you can find Penn Badgley in Brooklyn with his new band, Mother...and yeah, they're really good.

What first began as a secret musical project isn't so secret anymore, thanks to a handful of shadowy singles and Brooklyn gigs (which, not-so-shockingly, they nailed). A little over a month after we premiered the video for the guys' debut jam "Easy," they're back with the visuals for their follow-up track "Victim."

The fuzzy lo-fi clip perfectly suits the song's smoky, soulful vibe. Along with one epic sax solo and a melody that creeps into your eardrums and stays there, there's Badgley's voice. It's deep, intoxicating, and, with a moodiness to remind you that Dan Humphrey maybe isn't gone forever after all, it's enough to persuade us that we may have just found our new favorite summer discovery.

Fall in (punch drunk) love with "Victim" here.