No, But Really: What The Hell Is Happening In This ‘Mother!’ Clip?

Why are they here?

Knock, knock! It's a new clip from Darren Aronofsky's forthcoming movie mother! Does this glimpse answer the burning question of what the hell this movie is about? Absolutely not! But we still want to talk about our theories, because we really, really want to see this movie.

The promotion for this Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem-led film has been cryptic, to say the least. A poster of Lawrence offering up her own heart as some sort of sacrifice was already pretty enigmatic, but things only got more compelling when it was layered on top of an image of Bardem. Like, what are we to make of the fact that, when layered, Lawrence looks like she's about to give her ripped out heart to Bardem's open hand; the hole in her chest aligns with the orb in his hands. The Easter Eggs don't stop there: From the Pisces symbols laced within the posters and on the luggage Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer's characters bring to the home in the trailer, to the thread of octagons (the buttons on Bardem's shirt, the locket in the flowers, and the skylight in the home) seen onscreen, Aronofsky is telling us something, but what that something remains unclear.

Photos courtesy of Paramount Pictures

mother!'s latest released clip revolves around the concept of motherhood itself. In it, Pfeiffer interacts with the befuddled Lawrence, advising her to have kids while she's young, because it's the most important thing in life. Gesturing to the beautiful home they're standing in, Pfieffer says, "This is all just... setting." 

Setting for what? Who knows! Maybe a cult gathering? The only official synopsis of this film is one sentence: "A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence." Those guests include Pfeiffer, Harris, and Kristen Wiig (yes, really). They've all come to see Bardem, it seems. There's a theory out there that Bardem is a cult leader, hence why these strangers have pictures of him in their luggage. Bardem has also said that the startling age difference between him and Lawrence is a key plot point. A new quote from Aronofsky suggests mother! could allude to Mother Nature and perhaps the insidious ways we humans have set it on fire. (The new prayer he shared only fuels that idea.) Then there's the Rosemary's Baby-inspired poster, below. 

What does it all mean? What—or who—is mother!? Does Lawrence's character marry a cult leader who has been readying her for sacrifice? Does she really want kids? Is their home supposed to be an allegory for a bountiful life (like the Garden of Eden) and the uninvited guests, including their supposed leader (Bardem), simply symbols of the destructive nature of humanity? Why am I so obsessed? Who wouldn't be??

mother! opens September 15, and we can barely wait.