movie club

fashion meets film -again- in this awesome site.

by liza darwin

The relationship between movies, clothes, and art is nothing new- in fact, we have an entire section of the NYLON site devoted to showcasing our favorite fashion films.

But now, the Aussie organization No Home is taking this partnership to the next level with their new interactive series. Featuring tons of films by up-and-comers and established designers alike, the project includes submissions by brands like ACNE, Carly Hunter, and Limedrop who have teamed up with artists like Alex Goddard on a series of mini-movies.

One of our favorites is "Alice," a flick from designer Arabella Ramsay and cinematographer Nicole Rose. With cute printed dresses set against the gorgeous Australian landscapes, it's the easiest way to get your fashion and film fix without having to set foot inside a movie theater...or a mall.

Watch "Alice" below, and see all of the films here.