a seriously insane way to do film and digital double duty.

by faran krentcil

When the Lomokino movie camera came out last year, we all swooned. (So did everyone else, apparently, since the Lomography cinema gadget which shoots films on actual film sold out from their website in about 20 minutes.) See our love letter to the Lomokino here. Now they've introduced another devide that attaches straight to our iPhone, and captures your movie digitally as you're shooting on Lomo film!. Watch our favorite short film from the Vimeo Festival, about rave kids dressed as unicorns. Full disclosure: we haven't tried it out yet. But judging from how fast the Lomokino products went last time, we figured we should give you a heads-up now, before it's too late. (Also, it cost $25, so it's not so shameful to make an impulse buy...)

Lomokino iPhone Attachment, $25 online