see michelle williams bring the icon to life.

by ali hoffman

Confession: When first hearing Michelle Williams was set to star as Marilyn Monroe, we were skeptical.

Sure, we saw the obvious physical similarities (both are blonde, pretty, and beguiling), as well as the shared personality traits (both possessing the slightest hint of darkness behind their glowing exteriors). But regardless, this is Marilyn Monroe- arguably the most iconic blonde of all time- we're talking about. How could we not have our doubts?

But from the opening shot, in which Williams is shown dancing and singing on the stage of cabaret club, till she drives away at the end of the film, all of our prior doubts disappeared.  Not only is Williams' portrayal of the superstar perhaps her best performances to date, it's in fact so believable that we almost forgot we weren't watching the real thing pucker her lips and giggle.  But in addition to showing all of her well-known characteristics (troubled, beautiful, flirtatious, scandalous, etc.), Williams subtly brings to light Monroe's brilliant wit and quiet intelligence. 

Loosely based on Colin Clark's memoir "The Prince, The Showgirl and Me," the story revolves around a naive 23-year-old Clark's (played by Eddie Redmayne) first exposure to the world of film-making.  Aside from being easy on the eyes, Redmayne's on-screen chemistry with Williams is enthralling to watch. 

Overall, though at times predictable and somewhat monotous, the film is a unique and amazing portrayal of one of the most fascinating women of all time.  Plus, with an impressive supporting cast, including everyone from Emma Watson to Judi Dench, we recommend you find a couple hours this weekend and treat yourself to a movie.