Show and Tell: MUNA

C’mon, tell us all your secrets

Remember how much fun Show + Tell was back in kindergarten? You'd get to bring in something cool from your home life, share it with all your friends at school, and tell them all about it. Worlds collided! It was the best. It's how we made all our BFFs. Well, get ready for NYLON's Show + Tell update, in which we ask our favorite artists to show us something from their lives and tell us all about it, leaving us all feeling like we're friends for life. Or something like that.

When dark pop trio Muna came to town, we insisted they sit down with us and share their deepest darkest secrets. Well, sort of. Maybe they didn't quite spill the beans, but they did let us in on some of the intimate band details. Between touring and gearing up to release their debut album, About U, in February, the L.A.-based rockers found some time to stop by the NYLON offices and play Show & Tell with us. We got the scoop on their trial-and-error songwriting process, daily sleepovers, and takes on everything from love to friendship. Watch the video below to get in on the game.