Mura Masa And Charli XCX Show Us The Fun Side Of A Spring Fling

Too cute for you

There are only so many ways to portray a one-night stand, but Charli XCX somehow manages to always showcase the sweet side. Mura Musa just dropped the music video for their catchy single "1 Night," and it's so cute that it makes us want to embrace the closest person in reach. The Yoni Lappin-directed visual showcases a diverse sampling of couples doing the last thing you'd expect from a one-night hookup: cuddling in bed.

For the most part, it's all about capturing those cozier moments of intimacy like taking a bath, smoking a spliff, and checking yourself out in the mirror. Charli busts into the frame every so often to break away from all the PDA with a dance squad to back her up. There really is hope that sometimes a brief connection can evolve into something more. 

We're still waiting on updates about Charli XCX's forthcoming album, but this collab hits the spot for now. This track is fresh off of Mura Masa's album, To Fall Out of Love To, which is set for release this year. Watch the whole production in the video, above.