girls put their name (literally) on the fashion world.

by nylon

It's a common theme in the style industry to name stuff after It Girls. Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin got the Hermes treatment, while  Luella Bartley called her best-selling tote The Gisele, after... well, you know.  Marc Jacobs' also likes naming It Bags after It Kids - actress Selma Blair, model Jessica Stam, and blogger Bryan Boi all got odes in the form of leather satchels. 

But if this season's collections are any indication, there are some new muses in town - at least according to the labels on bags, dresses, and shoes. 

Here's a quick roundup.

The Girl:  Hanne Gabay Odile

From:  Belgium

Job:  Model

Shares Her Name With:  Alexander Wang, who called his sold-out black boots The Hanne - and just released a new pair made from denim.

We Like: Her casual, almost goofy smile, and the way she's always spotted at rock shows on the Lower East Side.

The Girl: Zoe Kravitz

From: California

Job: Singer? Actress? Sure.

Shares Her Name With:  Joe's Jeans, whose "Zoe" wash is a deep blue hue best suited for stylish nights out.

We Like: The way she turns every cocktail party into a dance club.

The Girl:  Solange Knowles

From: Texas

Job: Pop Star.

Shares Her Name With:  Jill Stuart, whose latest collection of bags includes The Solange - and whose past bags were named Gemma and Freja, after the top models Gemma Ward and Freja Beha.

We Like:  How she also directs her own music videos.

The Girl: Alexa Chung

From: Hampshire, UK

Job: MTV Veejay

Shares Her Name With:  Marc Jacobs, who made a cute Alexa dress for the Marc by Marc line.

We Like:  Everything about her!

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