Photo via my.Flow / Youtube

Get Ready! A Bluetooth Tampon Is In The Works

Welcome to 2016

Welcome to the future. My.Flow, a new startup, is dedicated to making the use of tampons easier and safer, by letting you know exactly when it needs to be changed. 

How does that work, exactly? It involves attaching a Bluetooth monitor device to a tampon with a specially insulated, extra long string, which will then clip onto your waistband. While that may sound complicated, the original concept did involve shoving actual electronics up your vagina, which I’ll assume didn’t go over very well for most people. 

The flow monitor will transmit info to your phone and connect to the my.Flow app, which will then be able to track dampness and notify you when it’s time to change. The app will also allow you to monitor a number of other things, such as your period flow over monthly levels.

“We’re here to bring peace of mind,” says Amanda Brief, co-founder and CEO, in a video about the product.

So no, you aren’t inserting an actual Bluetooth into your vag, because that would just be crazy, right? Instead, this helpful (and safe) Bluetooth monitor can clip to wherever is most comfortable for you, and can help you avoid any embarrassing or potentially dangerous issues, such as leaks or infections, that can arise from wearing a tampon for too long. 

My.Flow is still seeking more funding in order to actually launch, but they expect to retail for $50 for the Bluetooth monitor and $13 for a month’s supply of the special tampons. Initially, the launch will only provide tampons for regular flows, but they hope to partner with manufacturers so that they can produce tampons for any level of flow.

For a more in-depth look at how it works, check out the video below.