my gadgets by ebay

The latest and easiest way to sell your gadgets…

by Christian Lavery

These days, by the time you buy the latest tech device and learn how to use it, an updated version has already hit the market - leaving you with more gadgets then you know what to do with. Some you may still use regularly, some you may only use every now and again, and some are just set aside in a spot that ultimately becomes their final resting place. But why should we let our old devices just sit on a shelf and go unused? Especially when they have the opportunity to be sold for some much-needed cash on eBay’s latest service known as My Gadgets. Providing users with a place to catalog their entire tech collections, My Gadgets allows for items to be added to a virtual library. Then, it calculates the current value of each item based on sales trends and average selling price information from recent sales. And once you feel the time and price is right for your gadget to go to a new home, the eBay service simplifies the selling the process by enabling you to create a listing within your collection. Watch the video below to learn all the benefits it will lend and be sure to get started HERE once you realize just how many gadgets you actually have sitting around taking up space.