my jeans cost less than my subway pass

and they don’t expire after a month! score!

by liza darwin

When we spend money, we like to spend it on something tangible and long-lasting (this usually means clothes).

Call it the Blair Waldorf syndrome, but if you get right down to it, most of our money is hanging up right in our own closets.

These jeans from Urban Outfitters are a true triple threat- they're stylish, versatile, and at $39 a pair, totally cheap.

All of the jeans on the website and in stores are on sale- that means tons of different styles, washes, and cuts.

And unlike some of the other pairs we've tried, this denim is tough enough to withstand the test of time (or, at the very least, much longer than a one-month subway pass).

So go ahead, put your money where you can see it... on your butt.

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