my mom, style icon

a tribute to our ultimate fashion muse.

by liza darwin

I was probably around ten or so when I realized that my mom has amazing style. She had furs that were passed down from my grandmother, loads of vintage clutches, and an entire cabinet filled with costume jewelry. It was around that time I decided to hold off on the teeny-bopper shopping sprees and raid her well-stocked closet instead.

Brooklyn-based writer Piper Weiss experienced the same epiphany about her own mother and decided to share it on her blog, My Mom, Style Icon, which is a compilation of photos and anecdotes from celebrating all sorts of chic ladies.

And just in time for Mother's Day (hint, hint), Weiss has transformed her popular blog into book form. My Mom, Style Icon, is an adorable tribute to fashionable moms everywhere. Featuring heartfelt anecdotes and vintage photographs organized by categories like big hairdos, vacation pictures, and even Wild West outfits, it's a chronicle of truly original style.

Inspired by My Mom, Style Icon, we're asking YOU to send us pictures of your moms- along with a blurb about their outfit- to faran@nylonmag.com, and we'll post it on the site. In the meantime, check out the photos of our own stylish mothers below!

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Faran's mom and dad.

Ali's mom.

Ali's mom.

Liza's mom.