Mylene Takes Manhattan In A New Exclusive Clip From ‘The Get Down’

Our young disco star is all grown up

Last we left Mylene Cruz (Herizen Guardiola), girlfriend of Zeke, rebellious daddy girl, and church singer, she was chasing her dreams of becoming a disco star. Now, in a new exclusive clip from the upcoming season of The Get Down, we get a glimpse of what her newfound fame looks like in the big city. And, it, apparently, includes inappropriate dancing, lots of highlighter, and tons of glitter.

Part two of the show starts out a year after part one. Taking place in the late ‘70s New York City, disco is still at its height, while a new pop influence is threatening to infiltrate the music scene. The characters graduate from playing in houses of worship and parks to edgy clubs. They’re definitely not in the Bronx anymore, Toto. 

“In part two, we focus much more on the characters and their journey,” executive producer Baz Luhrmann says in a statement. “It’s definitely a darker part of the story as our characters have grown up and are no longer kids playing. They’re young adults trying to find their way in the jungle that is growing up.”

And, from the looks of the clip, they’re growing up alright. In the last couple of episodes, we found Mylene’s father, Pastor Ramon Cruz (Giancarlo Esposito) reluctantly onboard with her daughter’s decision to turn disco, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be signing off on her escapades anymore. See what we mean and watch Mylene’s performance of “Toybox,” ahead. Then, check out the full second season of The Get Down on Netflix this Friday.