NAKAYA Draws The Line Between Friendship And Love In Her Latest Video

You’re going to “Lose It Too”

New York-based, Los Angeles-bred artist NAKAYA is a singer-songwriter that masterfully blends the genres of R&B, soul, electronic, and "freak folk." Despite studying full-time at NYU's Clive Davis Institute, she still managed to find time to release her debut EP, Out Of Breath, last year. Today, we are premiering the music video for her Isak Swing-produced single "Lose It Too." For this song, NAKAYA dives into the overwhelming and uncontrollable territory of unrequited love.

Directed by Joshua Davy, the video analyzes the delicate line between friendship and romance. NAKAYA further elaborated on the complicated nature of these relationships and how it comes to play in her visual: "The two girls initially share a closeness and mutual admiration, but when one realizes she may want something more, she grapples with deciding whether to follow her gut instincts or to preserve their friendship," she says.

For many, the scenario is all but too relatable. Watch all the drama unwind, below.