Naked & Famous Teams Up With Hub Clothing For A Killer Pair Of Jeans

Hub Clothing is teaming up with Naked & Famous Denim for a limited edition collab you won’t want to miss. Take a reputable retailer like Hub and pair that with Naked & Famou, known for their high quality Japanese denim, and you have the ultimate pair of kick-ass jeans. 

The collaboration features Hub Clothing’s “Stacked Guy” fit jean made from Naked & Famous’ Black Power Stretch denim fabric to “cater to a badass guy who loves to wear black from head to toe.”  The jeans also feature a custom, vintage-pop art inspired patch, illustrated by Steve Mack, alias “Kandoken,” who has worked with companies such as Marvel and Mattel. 

This pair of jeans is the ultimate denim collector’s item. Only 50 pairs have been produced, which obviously makes us want to get our hands on a pair that much more. The jeans retail for $174 and you can shop the collaboration on Hub Clothing’s website now.