Naomi Pilgrim No Gun Video

sway along to the gorgeous video for “no gun”!

by liza darwin

Good luck finding an artist who's made a bigger splash with her debut single than Naomi Pilgrim. The Swedish/Barbadian songstress only released "No Gun" about a month ago, and already the track has amassed more than 150 thousand plays on Soundcloud and shot directly to the top of The Hype Machine.

But while it might seem like the singer appeared out of nowhere, it's actually the opposite. The 29-year-old has been lending her soulful voice to artists like Lykke Li as a backup performer for a while now, but now the former club promoter has found her rightful place in the spotlight.

"Music has always played a part in my life, but it wasn't clear to me until this winter that it was time to grow up and use my voice," she recalled. "I had been pushing it away, like, 'I don't want to be an artist,' since I had all these expectations on how an artist was supposed to be. Some people realize their path when they're 18 and I found mine when I was 29." As everyone who's listened to "No Gun" will agree, we're sure glad she did.

The track is a boundary-pushing blend of pop, r&b, and soul, with a swinging intro, pulsing beats, and an irresistible melody that basically begs you to have the song on loop. It sounds cliche, but with its variety of far-flung influences, the jam is almost just as global as Pilgrim's hybrid background. "'No Gun' is about life and how you can choose to take it," she explained.

"We have all these challenges, and you can choose to go with the flow and make yourself bigger and more beautiful from them, or you can go with the negative and be miserable."  It's a song with a deeper message, and the only thing better than the track itself is the equally awesome video...and we have the exclusive premiere!

Watch it below, and don't forget to buy the single today, along with three new remixes. Your Monday morning soundtrack has never sounded so sweet.