Naomi Pilgrim Will Make Your Heart “Sink Like A Stone”

A stunning visual for a powerful track

With roots tied to Barbados and Sweden, Naomi Pilgrim's influences stem from a variety of backgrounds. The singer-songwriter first made waves with her dreamy pop music when she stepped away from singing backup for Lykke Li and released her own self-titled EP in 2014. Today, we are premiering the Alexis Almström-directed music video for the title track off of her brand-new Sink Like A Stone EP.

The single was inspired by the tragic death of Eric Garner wherein he gasped "I can't breathe," as he was held down on a sidewalk in a chokehold by a police officer in Staten Island, New York. Despite the dark context, Pilgrim told us that the song serves as a reminder to keep your head up.

"We live in a society where too many people praise prejudices before peace, and that shit is not only terrible for serenity, it kills too," she said. "My goal with this video was to make something special without making it literal."

As a years-long fan of Almström's "work, heart, brain, and language," Pilgrim firmly believes that his vision for the video was on point. There is a mixture of cultural influences coming to play in this unique visual where real characters come to life and give it their hearts and souls. 

Stream the Sink Like A Stone EP now on Spotify, and watch the moving footage, below.