photo by disco meisch


National Anthem: Your Official 4th Of July Playlist

“I hope they bring Elvis back”

Let's be real for a minute: America could be a hell of a lot better at the moment. With the 2016 presidential election looming, it's more important than ever to remain active and connected to the present political landscape. So whether you're a bit cynical about the current state of our nation or not, this July 4th is going to rock. 

The day offers a reflection on how far we've all come, and how far we can go from here. And along with the barbecues, cherry pies, and libations, it also brings a celebration of independence, individuality, and the freedom to express yourself in whatever way you see fit. 

With that in mind, we compiled a mix of all of the classic Americana songs for you to dance around to. From Bruce Springsteen to Lana Del Rey, it's a melting pot of sonic sounds and interpretations of the American spirit. We hold this playlist to be self-evident, that all these musicians are created equal, that they are endowed by us with certain rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...

Without further adieu, here's the playlist you'll be rocking to all weekend long: