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    by · June 18, 2014

    The Curator: Liz Riccardi - Digital Design Director

    The Inspiration: Need Supply’s “Go Explore” Lookbook

    I have a serious case of wanderlust this summer and the latest lookbook from Need Supply Co. has me motivated to plan some weekend getaways ASAP. I recently became obsessed with fishing and the coast is calling my name! I’ll take the cute boy and Volvo, too...

    The Look: Dads

    I wasn’t able to spend this Father’s Day with my Dad - instead I spent the weekend looking at pictures of him from the ’60s and cleaning out my closet. We all know dads are the original hipsters, after all they invented normcore. My dad has never read a fashion magazine in his life but he been rocking the same classic look for pretty much the last *50* years. It’s all about the perfect button-down and signature frames.

    The Face: Hard Candy “Ginormous Mascara” in Electric Blue

    This mascara is amazing on its own-- it seriously does make your lashes ginormous. But the color is what makes it really AWESOME. I love it because I’m basically incapable of applying any complicated eye make up - I pretty much only wear mascara. But I can throw this on and it feels like more of a look. And it costs $6. So, duh.

    The News: The Senate gets with the times

    Not sure how closely y’all have been following the latest Senate confirmation hearings-- but this past month they’ve been working their way through Obama’s nominees and making history! As of yesterday they’ve confirmed the first Native American female federal judge, the first Hispanic judge to serve in the Eastern District of Washington, the first openly gay African American male federal judge, and the second black lesbian federal judge in the Nation’s history. Let’s hope diversity in government won’t qualify as “news” for much longer...

    The Song: “Used to be the Shit”-- Miniature Tigers

    Miniature Tiger’s latest album, Cruel Runnings is all around awesome. But this song has been on loop since I heard it. I mean: “Our love was warm, like a VHS of ‘Aladdin’ / Now our love’s so cold, like a laser disk of ‘Cruel Intentions’”?! Come on. Lyrically. Genius.

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