get your fortune told now with super-cool internet tarot

the internet has spoken.

by sara tardiff

Once I went to a psychic and she told me to “always follow my heart” and that I will “help people someday.” And then she charged me $60. So, I might change the world but I'll have to do it with an empty wallet. Avoid the fees and fake readings and take #Nettarot’s unique, borderline apathetic approach to tarot card readings. Basically, this is fortune telling for the digital age (...and broke 20-something's who want a laugh). 

The newly launched website allows you to read info about the cards you draw and shuffle the deck by refreshing the page. #Nettarot takes an unconventional approach to traditional tarot cards, using objects, ideas, and archetypes that are a little more relatable than medieval characters like the Six of Swords. So instead of drawing the Hanged Man card, you might get a floppy disk (and a reminder of how quickly we lose relevance...or die).

Some of the cards I drew? A Twitter logo, accompanied by the word ‘anxiety’ and a link to an article explaining why I should quit tweeting, an image of Piper from OITNB reaching into the fridge of a liquor store, thoughtfully choosing between beer and champagne, and the word “Hyperlink” and a warning that if I click it I might be brought out of my comfort zone which could result in pure joy or utter pain (I clicked and the page went blank?!). Looks like this week is going to be confusing—both emotionally and in terms of alcoholic beverage decisions. What did you get?