Watch Celebs Explain “Netflix And Chill” On The Emmys Red Carpet

so much wrongness.

As you may know, “Netflix and chill” has become shorthand for "engaging in no-strings-attached sexual activities, perhaps while the television is on.” You can blame the youngs for that.

One good side effect of this trend, however, is this video from BuzzFeed. See, many celebrities on the Emmys red carpet were too old, too young, or simply too blissfully unaware to know the hidden meanings behind "Netflix and chill." So, when BuzzFeed asked Orange Is the New Black's Jackie Cruz or Jamie Lee Curtis to explain the term, awkward hilarity ensued.

Of course, some actors did understand the nuances of “Netflix and chill”—particularly Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner whose succinct explanation of the phrase would top the Urban Dictionary definition in a perfect world. Witness above.

(via BuzzFeed)