Watch The First Trailer For Netflix’s New Show ‘Haters Back Off’

This one’s gonna be a doozy

Some equate having haters to success—the more, the merrier. One of those people is Miranda Sings, an aspiring YouTube wannabe star created by real-life YouTube star Colleen Ballinger.

In the new Netflix series, Haters Back Off, we’re introduced to Sings in all her quirky glory. Once a video of her singing Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In The Bottle” goes “viral”—not for reasons she would’ve liked but all press is good press, right?—she and her family get swept up in the pursuit of internet stardom. Thank god, Sings has her uncle’s recipe for fame, though, which includes five phases: Make a viral video, go on on television, get a singing career, movies, and, finally, become a magician.

The show pokes fun at the oft-ridiculous digital influencers that make up the world wide web space. Ballinger’s red-lipped character is part Molly Shannon in Superstar, part Kristen Wiig in Welcome To Me. And if you’ve seen either, you already know fun, interesting, and weird times are ahead.

The series is one of many Netflix is adding to its docket this fall. The eight-episode premieres on October 14. Watch the trailer above.