never wet by rust-oleum

The liquid repelling treatment that will blow your mind…

by Christian Lavery

Ruining any type of clothing is by far one of the most helpless feelings. But ruining them by way of a careless, self-inflicted dinner table catastrophe - well that just adds insult to injury. And it always has to be your favorite shirt, doesn’t it? However, it looks as though a solution by the name of NeverWet has landed in our lap (pun intended) to prevent any future mishaps once and for all. The spray-on coating repels just about every liquid known to man, and everything from water and mustard to chocolate syrup and gravy are put to the test in the promo video, in case you’re a bit skeptical (which is perfectly understandable by the way). NeverWet isn’t limited to use on just clothing though, so check out the video below to get a glimpse of what the spray is capable of, then get your own HERE.