This New Arca Video Is Safe for Neither Work Nor Epileptics

This may be the sexiest Rorschach test of all time.more

Or maybe it's an approximation of what it's like drop acid and get a lap dance at the Museum of Modern Art. Either way, Arca's new "Xen" video is required viewing for anyone not suffering from epilepsy or sitting at a cubicle surrounded by other people.

"Xen" is the title track from the Venezuelan electronic abstractionist's recently released Mute debut, and the trippy clip marks the latest in a series of collaborations with visual artist Jesse Kanda, who designed the LP's cover and accompanying artwork and helmed the recent "Thievery" video.

Both "Thievery" and this latest vid feature the character of Xen, described in a press release as "a girl whose skin ripples and twists as she dances." That about sums it up, though it'll take a couple of viewings to really get the picture.

Born Alejandro Ghersi, Arca is known for not only his harsh-yet-beautiful solo compositions, but also for his work on FKA Twigs' EP1 and LP1 and Kanye West's Yeezus.

Arca and Kanda will close out the year with a series of five European dates, and Xen will haunt your dreams until at least early 2015.