This New Barbie Campaign Is Very, Very Cute

mattel finally gets it right

When Aqua wrote the song "Barbie Girl" in 1997, all the doll seemed to be good for was partying and bending over backwards for Ken. Fast-forward to 2015 and equality is at the forefront of our nation's leading issues. Feminism comes up in every conversation—as it should—and women are fighting to empower each other by any means necessary.

It's fitting that Barbie has finally adjusted to the times, both in her appearance and her mission. Mattel's latest commercial above is titled, "Imagine the Possibilities," and leads with the question, "What happens when girls are free to image they can be anything?" Hidden cameras show real people's candid reactions as young girls play out the careers that they might want to have when they grow up, like professors, veterinarians, coaches, museum docents, and business executives.

At the end, it turns out that the girls are supposed to be playing in their bedrooms with a bunch of Barbie dolls and closes with the catch phrase, "You can be anything." It's extremely cute and incredibly inspiring.