New Empire Run From Evil in Cinematic ‘Fallen Soldiers’ Video (First Look)

No, this isn't a reenactment of some Australian war you never learned about in high school.more

In their new "Fallen Soldiers" video, premiering today at NYLON Guys, the dudes from the awesome Aussie alt-pop foursome New Empire venture into the woods to tangle with a shadowy foe not even they can describe.

"We wanted to create what looked like a scene in the middle of an intense movie," the band says. "There is no real idea of what it is we, the band, are running from, or why we are in a forest, or why we are separated, because the viewer has just been 'dropped in' to the story. Questions are raised, and the viewer is left to his/her own imagination as to why these things are taking place. In its true form, though, the video clip portrays that what we are running from—the 'dark figure/shadow'—could be anything in life. From depression, to betrayal, to hurt, to loneliness, confusion, etc."

"Sometimes we have a light to guide us, sometimes a map to direct us, or sometimes we are just going through this with a friend by our side," they add. "As long as we keep moving, we will eventually make it out to the other side, to something we may have never expected or hoped for. We wanted to create something visually stunning, in terms of cinematography, and hopefully that comes across on screen."

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