Everything You Need To Know About The New Moon In Cancer

It’s a triple whammy of watery vibes

When the moon and the Sun are in the same sign, what trouble could you get into? Why, any kind of trouble you’d like, so long as you ask right. And, I know you’ll ask right because Mercury, god of the well-crafted message, is in Cancer, too. That’s a triple whammy of watery vibes, and before we even begin to fathom how those born under the sign of Cancer will feel (don’t worry, they will most certainly let us know), let’s take a moment to behold the banquet of feelings Cancer wants to share with us.

One might think Mercury pulling up alongside the new moon would make this a great time for getting real chatty and making lots of connections. One might be right. But, with Cancer energy at the helm, it’s prudent to listen a little more and speak a little less in case we give ourselves away too early. Vulnerability is a strength when it’s practiced with integrity, it’s a weakness when it’s used to manipulate others toward our will. This new moon, take stock of the kind of conversations you’d rather be having and who you need to surround yourself with in order to foster those conversations. I know it’s summer and not necessarily the time when most of us are aiming for self-betterment and growth (ahem, I just don’t see WHY I can’t have a Bloody Mary every morning, ya know?), but when Cancer energy is benefic* (*related to having a favorable planetary influence), it’s primarily interested in self-enrichment. So, take a page from Cancer’s book and enrich yourself.

The summer solstice will have you filling up your long days, overcommitting left and right without even trying. A Cancer goes with the flow, sideways, learns how to ride the waves of too much. A Cancer knows how to recharge, so she isn’t afraid to give her all every once in a while. Personally, I’ve been enriching myself all day listening to old Blondie songs, plus I dyed my hair blonde, plus Debbie Harry is a Cancer so I know I’m on the right path.

My new moon ritual? Oh, I think I’ll prepare by spending some time alone. I’ll write a list of all the new things I want to try this month, rituals I’ve been meaning to make my own. What if I commit to drawing something small every morning? What if I make sure to call one old friend a week and really catch up in a deep restorative way? Yes, a Cancer would approve plans such as these, would encourage them in fact. And, when the dark night comes on? With the moon waning, perhaps I’ll go out dancing with the ones I love. I’ll put on a sparkly dress and some leather cuffs, mix up soft and hard, like every Cancer knows how to do.