Report: New Moon in Gemini

Good things have side effects, bad things bring benefits

by christie craft

Did this month rage onto the scene like a five-alarm fire for you? Or perhaps the first days of June have felt a bit frenetic, as though you’re stuck in static between two polar-opposite frequencies, unsure whether to be optimistic, pessimistic, or to just plain hide away until the electric storm passes. Don’t worry, you’re not alone—we’re all feeling stretched in multiple directions now, thanks to the overthinking Gemini New Moon on June 4.

Last month, many of us might’ve been asked—or straight-up forced—to do the right thing in confronting a personal dilemma of ethics and morality, the light of the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21 illuminating unknown frontiers in a crisis of consciousness. The energies of that lunation have ebbed and flowed, subsiding into this Saturday’s Gemini New Moon, an unpredictable if balancing closing to whatever personal dramas went down two weeks ago. New Moons grant us the ability to firmly fasten and lock the doors of the past while giving us all a choice set of new doors to open and explore. But don’t get it twisted—Gemini energy isn’t ever straightforward, and this moon phase will demand mental agility and quick adaptations to sort through what’s functional and what’s broken in our lives if we expect to survive this lunation with sanity intact.

The atmosphere feels a lot like dodging boulders as you race down a fast-moving stream of whitewater rapids straight toward a waterfall in a canoe you’re not confident can weather the ride. What’s worse, your sight line is compromised by all the multitasking and frantic paddling, and you can’t tell how dramatic that oncoming waterfall’s drop will be. The only real thing you can be sure of is that you’re making a beeline for the inevitable drop, so get ready. But Gemini’s energy is funny; you can prepare to be beaten to a bloody pulp (it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry) and be tickled—or massaged!—instead. What’s more likely with Gemini is both.

The name of the game with this lunation is duality and flexibility; with every disappointment or emotionally taxing challenge comes great (usually unexpected, unpredictable) benefits, even surprise victories that could grant us a vital foothold to climbing our individual mountains. The opposite side of that coin, however, are also sneak attacks and letdowns lurking in scenarios we feel most confident about championing. The gravity of each wound—from minor paper cuts and pin pricks to absolute gashes—is completely uncertain at this time, which is why the universe requires each of us to summon superhuman patience and adaptability. Consider these two weeks the survival of the fittest.

Quick-thinking Mercury, god of communication and technology and Gemini’s ruling planet, who’s stationed direct in rational Taurus, delivers brilliant opportunities to reevaluate and improve our communication skills, including what information we disseminate and digest—particularly when it comes to gossip, negative self-talk, and free-flowing shade. Sometimes, we aren’t actually aware of how powerful our words can be—especially for those signs known to have cutting, sarcastic tongues like Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Sag. Signs elevated to heightened emotional sensitivity like Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are most susceptible to having the light parts of their egos slaughtered by jealousy and double-talk. Are you tuning into radio frequencies running on hate, rumors, and shit-talking babble? Stop that right now. This lunation will bestow the strength to slay this brand of negativity in a non-threatening, diplomatic manner—it’s okay to call ‘em out, you may even make a new friend (there’s that weirdo, spontaneous Gemini duality again). Realness resides within you, not in what others interpret and twist to tame their own dark demons of insecurities. Tears for them haters, take pity on weakness.

Luckily, another bubbly aspect of Gemini’s chatty, talkative nature is that almost everything is negotiable right now. Indeed, honey captures those flies much more effectively than vinegar, but the spider who weaves the most complex, intelligent web wins dinner, especially thanks to Mars, who’s sleeping in a retrograde cycle but amped by being in Scorpio, giving our determination and focus a shot in the arm. Opportunities to champion personal goals involving communication, creative writing, journalism, technology, and publishing are able to flow freely to those actively attracting this energy now. Mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius) seeking to find their voice through these means will feel the effects of the New Moon’s movement most intensely.

Some signs will become invigorated and mentally energized by flipping and cartwheeling through this cosmic obstacle course (I’m looking at you, in particular, air signs—Gemini especially, Libra, and Aquarius). Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, will feel the call to arms almost immediately as the month begins, quick to throw on their emotional armor and become the Joans of Arc they truly are. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—the earth signs—may become easily flustered and even grouchy by the apparent lack of focus swirling around, especially in the workplace. (Grinding at work is what sets you earth signs free, so there’s nothing that could be more vexing right now.) This lunation has the potential to energetically exsanguinate the ooey-gooey water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, which could force them into social hiding until the cosmic dust settles. Scorpio, however, is the wild card here: Though one of the most deeply sensitive signs of the zodiac, thanks in part to their double rulers, Mars and Pluto, these personalities become the phoenix in times of intense pressure and stress, rising to any occasion—and sometimes overdoing it on the slayage. Chill, baby, you don’t really need to kill ‘em all.

Holistically, we are all given a set of obstacles and opportunities to foundationally reshape our lives, personal branding messages, and worldview. There’s a lot of activity popping off in almost every column of our lives—professional transformation, shifts in our domestic setup, and especially social circulation. And while it may feel like we’re all lab rats trapped in an impossible (and annoying) labyrinth, just remember: There is literally a wide swath of strategies to getting that cheese—stay focused.