Watch The New, Animated Regina Spektor Video, “Small Bill$”

There’s a bear in it

Last week, Regina Spektor released a new album, Remember Us to Life, and today she has graced us with a video for one of its songs, "Small Bill$." Typical of Spektor, the video is simply whimsical and irreverent on the surface, but beautifully dark and twisted underneath.

Within this multidimensional video, there's a city populated by gorgeously animated bears, kindergarten-esque paper snowflakes falling from the sky, an abundance of matryoshka (Russian nesting) dolls, and newspapers with headlines about mermaid sightings. It gets even more surreal as, first, Spektor rides on the back of a polar bear, and, later, turns into a mermaid herself. Whimsical, right? Right. 

But then also, the lyrics warn of "poets in the alley coughing up blood," and how "they can neither wake up or go deeper," and builds to an intense, frenzied crescendo of Spektor singing a chorus of "na-na-na-na"s. So, yeah, you know. Typical Spektor, meaning typically bizarre and brilliant. Watch for yourself.