Finally, The New ‘Twin Peaks’ Promo Shows Us Actual Humans

And they’re older!

For the longest time, Showtime (or was it David Lynch?) were loathe to show us any new footage from the upcoming Twin Peaks revival. Until last weekend, it was old footage and familiar music being used to tease the show’s May 21st premiere. Then, in the first real proof that we’re not being punk’d, a short teaser arrived with what looked like establishing shots of some iconic Twin Peaks locations. But even still, despite the crisper, 21st-century resolution, the images could have been taken at any time. There was nothing to indicate the real passage of time.

With the latest Twin Peaks promo, that is no longer the case. Shot in the same style as the last teaser, this one reveals for the first time returning characters who, thanks to the miracle of time, have definitely gotten older. Titled “Some Familiar Faces 25 Years Later,” we get to see Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Cooper, Harry Dean Stanton as Carl Rodd, Harry Goaz as the sheriff’s deputy Andy Brennan, and Michael Heinrich Horse as Hawk. It’s not a lot, but in the world of Twin Peaks advertising, this counts as a full-length trailer. Check it out above.