nghbrs “hold up girl”

A brand new NGHBRS track from their brand new record…

by Josh Madden

After releasing Hellomind in 2010 and getting all kinds of praise for it from The New York Times and music blogs alike, the dudes from NGHBRS didn't head to LA or Nashville to record their record; instead, the band took to Long Island and shacked up in the home of famous American poet William Cullen Bryant, and it was there that they recorded Twenty One Rooms. We're stoked to premiere the first single "Hold Up Girl" from their new record, due out July 16th. The clean classic sound of this track makes it both the perfect backyard BBQ tune and full on festival jam. We're looking forward to hearing the complete collection of new tracks. You can pre-order Twenty One Rooms and find all info on tour NGHBRS tour dates HERE.