Nick Jonas Drops Sexy, Sweaty New Single + Video “Close” Featuring Tove Lo

Hear the first track from “Last Year Was Complicated”

Nick Jonas dropped the first single off of his forthcoming album last night, “Close,” featuring the lyrical stylings of one Ms. Tove Lo. Yes, the former Jonas Brother had a good time teasing it yesterday, but he finally delivered around 10pm. He’s good like that. A sweaty, sultry video for the track followed this morning.

“Close,” which came along with some fairly intense cover art, is the first single off of his third solo album, Last Year Was Complicated (Jonas released the title of the album yesterday), the first release by the 23-year-old rising actor that won’t be named after himself. Last Year Was Complicated will arrive for your greedy ears June 10.

The video itself is perhaps Jonas’ sexiest (and smartest) yet. A simple effects-driven number, he and Lo simply sing at each other while an unseen magical force—perhaps love?—bounces them around in an aircraft hanger and rips off their neutral-toned clothing off until they lie sweaty, and all kinds of hot and bothered in their neutral-toned underwear. Things get only sexier (and smarter) from there. It’s a good, mature look from both of them and should send his old Jonas Brothers fans into orbit around, let's say, one of the smaller moons of Jupiter.

Watch the video, above, and catch Jonas on the road with Demi Lovato all this summer.