Nick Jonas Totally Owned His Guitar Solo Mishap

“It was a brain fart”

by daniel barna

By now you're all familiar with "The Guitar Solo Heard 'Round The World," or rather "Not Heard," depending how you look at it. Just in case you've been hunting orchids in the remote jungles of Guam, where Wi-Fi can be spotty, we'll fill you in.

On Sunday night's Academy of Country Music awards, Nick Jonas strutted onto the stage with a guitar, looking every bit the rock star. What was supposed to be a glorious duet with emerging star Kelsea Ballerini, turned into a WTF moment on par with Ashlee Simpson's SNL lip sync fiasco. Rather than completely shred, Jonas er, wet the bed instead. (See what we did there? We rhymed!) Jonas' solo totally flamed out, he wrapped up his performance, and fled the stage. 

The Internet pounced. The clip went viral and Jonas found himself the subject of many a meme. Meanwhile, as the world laughed, the fledgling pop star was nowhere to be found. Was he hiding in the arms of Kate Hudson until it all blew over? Was he moonlighting as a back-up singer for his brother Joe's band DNCE? Nope. As it turns out, Jonas was on a flight to London, as he so graciously pointed out in his first tweet since the incident.

"Just landed in London to all these videos from Sunday nights performance..So funny. Yes. I screwed up the solo thanks to a huge brain fart," Jonas tweeted Tuesday

Way to own up to it Nick. Color us impressed.