Nicole Kidman Is Terrifying In The New ‘The Beguiled’ Trailer

“Bring me the anatomy book”

Forget what anyone says, there's only one movie that really matters this summer, and that's Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled. (Okay, there's bound to be some other good ones. But you know what we mean.) Starring Nicole Kidman (who's having a real moment), Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, and Colin Farrell, the movie was first teased with a short trailer back in February, and it left us super intrigued.

Today, the full-length trailer has been released in all its gory glory, and we have officially left the land of the intrigued and entered into the realm of the obsessed. As you can see in the video above, Coppola's latest bears many of her usual hallmarks—ethereal, willowy blonde women with something just a little off about them, an exquisite wardrobe, haunting soundtrack—but it also features something brand-new: A truly terrifying Kidman as some kind of unholy Southern matriarch who seems hell-bent on... doing something really untoward to injured Union soldier Farrell.

We mean, has there ever been anything so straight-up hair-raising as Kidman standing in a bloodied white gown, blonde curls freeing themselves from her hair, and demanding: "I need rags. I need chloroform. Go to the smokehouse. Get the saw. Now."

No! There hasn't. And we absolutely love it. Today, after all, has been a great day for women, with the news that not only is the greatest athlete of all time pregnant but also serial sexual harasser Bill O'Reilly has been fired from FOX News. Can't you kind of imagine that somewhere, O'Reilly, too, is wailing something similar to Farrell's final words in The Beguiled trailer: "Ahh!!! What have you done to me, you vengeful bitches?!" 

The Beguiled will be in theaters June 23. WE. CAN'T. WAIT.