Photo Courtesy of Nikki Y.


Nikki Y Sings Everyone’s Truth In Her New Single

“Miss you when I’m drunk” is the very appropriate title

For better of worse, alcohol is pretty much the best truth serum there is. Drink one margarita too many and before you know it, you’ve let your coworker know how you really feel about her loud typing habit, or you’ve texted an ex things you would never vocalize sans drinks; it’s a gateway to many revelations—and, therefore, regrets. And it's exactly these types of alcohol-induced situations which serve as the catalyst for singer Nikki Y’s new song, aptly named “Miss You When I’m Drunk.”

Singers have covered the topic before. You miss the one you love the most when the sun goes down, and you've been imbibing a tad too much. But with lyrics like, “I only want you when I’m wasted/ I only call you when I’m gone/And when the morning comes I’ll be moving on/ I only miss you when I’m drunk,” you’d think Nikki ripped a page right out of your Saturday night.

“My boyfriend and I broke up for about two weeks, two years into our relationship,” she tells us. “Needless to say, those two weeks sucked. I’d tell myself I was fine during the day, but then I’d sleep in his T­-shirts and with the teddy bear he got me at night.”

Let Nikki’s experience serve as an example: You can blame it on the alcohol all you want, but don’t throw your feelings to the wayside. You never know what might come of them. Like, a catchy jazz-meets-pop song, perhaps.

Nikki’s single is one of four songs on her upcoming Wyclef-produced debut EP, Solid Gold, which comes out October 28. Listen to “Miss You When I’m Drunk” below.