Noah Cyrus Has Us Hooked On Her Twangy New Tune

It’ll get stuck in your head

We never thought that we'd see Miley and Noah Cyrus on the climb at the same time, but they're both trying to top the charts right now, and it's something to behold. And they're both making music that speaks to their country roots. While Miley is now fully embracing her hippie side, Noah is putting herself out there with a new twangy single referencing lots of classic country themes.

Titled "I'm Stuck," the ultra-catchy tune will have you up on your feet and ready to dance and sing along with the easily memorizable chorus. "'Cause your love has tamed the devil out of me/ Stole my heart and pulled the rug under my feet/ I was a careless Casanova, but you made my heart go weak." See? You've probably already got it committed to memory. We know we do. This song is one addictive piece of ear candy. 

In a post on Instagram, Noah wrote that she hopes the song "brings a little light and fun to your day." And honestly? It did for us. See for yourself and stream the entire song, below.