Nok From The Future Will Brighten Your Day With His Funky Ode To A Pretty Girl

    “Wocky Wocky” is the new mating call

    by · July 05, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Nok From The Future

    If there’s one thing that emerging artists have in common this year, it’s their desire to maintain anonymity. New England-based singer, rapper, and producer Nok from the Future is among these creatives, navigating through his world and preserving an aesthetic that is uniquely his own. With his new single “Wocky Wocky,” that we are premiering here today, Nok hopes to transcend genre norms and cultural boundaries. The track is a powerful combination of pop music and what he labels as “adventurous hip-hop with a suburban-based sound.” In a matter of minutes, you’ll feel like the human version of the heart eyes emoji. Nok says of the song:

    I wanted to make a song as pretty as this girl I know. Not sure if I succeeded. Having full control of my music has let me create what feels like a new genre. I cannot describe it in words yet; it just hits in the right places at the right times. We are looking at a culture from the outside rather than within. We are the manifested results of that. I need my drums to hit hard, but I need them soft and cozy at the same time for when I listen outdoors this summer.
    Designed by Jess Audrey Lynn
    Nok expects to release his upcoming project sometime this month and describes it as “my heart on a platter.” Currently untitled, it features other bright, emerging artists like Kevin Abstract, Dylan Brady, and Ta-Ha. The cover art for the album was created by Jess Audrey Lynn, a music producer and 3-D visual artist. For now, “Wocky Wocky” will have to serve as a taste of what’s to come.
    Immerse yourself in Nok’s whimsical world by streaming the single via SoundCloud or watching it all play out in the charming video, below.
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