bunnies, sunsets, and your new favorite dance floor anthem!

by liza darwin

If you don't know NONONO yet, allow us to introduce you. This Swedish trio has been blowing up our eardrums with their irresistible spin on frosty electro pop for a while now, so it's about time they made the crossover to dance floors everywhere. 

The band's debut single "Pumpin Blood" weaves lead singer Stina Wappling's crisp vocals into whistling melodies and heart-racing beats. The result is a euphoric sonic whirlwind that basically requires you to crank up the track, roll down your car windows, and start singing immediately. 

Although the original version is awesome enough on its own, now that Wekeed has done a remix, consider us even more obsessed than before. They've picked up the pace, added a thumping backbone, and sprinkled the chorus with glittery musical magic. Plus, the remix video is chock full of sunsets, bunnies, and a snowy backdrop that complements the group's chilly sound perfectly.

Intrigued? You should be. Watch it below! 

P.S. Buy the Pumpin Blood EP and catch them on tour now... because this is a band that will make you dance all winter long.